5 Easy Steps to Start A Blog and Make Money

Maybe you have heard about making money with Blogging. Yes, it’s absolutely true that making money with a blog is very easy. It doesn’t matter whether you start either a hobby blog or professional blog. It’s not a big deal whether you start today. You are on the right path and just a few steps behind of making money. You just need to do what is right for you. Maybe you have a blog or intend to start a blog. you are confused about how to start a blog and make money? Here I am going to write 5 easy steps to start a blog and make money.

Let’s see how to start a blog and make money step by step-

1.      Create a Blog

The very first step of start a blog and make money is Create a blog. You have to buy a domain and hosting space and setup together to make your blog live. You may create either a Niche Blog
or miscellaneous blog.
Why You Should Start a Niche Blog

You don’t need to learn web developing or web design to create your first blog. I recommend you to read this article that makes you clear how to start your blog in a day .

2.      Write Great Content

You may heard, “Content is the King”. It’s true. Content is the heart of a blog. If you don’t have informative and valuable content then you should be fail to gather enough traffic in your blog. People never come to your blog for seeing your blog temple design or for wasting time for nothing. Great content helps you to grow your blog rapidly. Search engines also keep those blog on top ranking who are posting great content regularly. Start writing about “How to” and those which are helps to change people’s life. So make sure your post are enough resourceful and you are updating your blog consequently. Here you can learn  How to a write Great Content

3.      Promote Your Blog

You already spent a lot of time for building your blog and publishing great contents. Now it’s time to promote your blog in every media. Its a matter of making money so you should have to be clear that unless you submit your blog in social media and blogging community you will fail to manage traffic to your blog. It’s okay you spent a lot of time already but it’s high time to promote your blog. There are plenty of ways to get traffic to your blog. Read here 42 Tips to get traffic to your blog .

One think should have to consider that you are not looking for traffic only you should have to make them readers. Target your traffic who would like your contents and start promoting your blog there. Don’t try to convince everyone because you don’t need all types of readers.

Create profile in Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and start sharing your article links in these social media. Nowadays social media is a great weapon to generate huge traffic to a blog or website.

Submit your latest post in several social bookmarking sites and other relevant community.

4.      Build Email List and Engagements

You may get a lot of visitor by promoting your blog but it’s not permanent. If you really want to make money and sustainability then you should have to build an Effective Email List and engage with your readers.

When you have enough content and start promoting your blog you would get traffic rapidly and all you need to make those your friends. If you start building an effective email list then it will help to promote your products or services directly to those people via email.

Start responding your reader comments and be sure you are presence in all social media and blog community. Start posting on those and respond others post frequently. As soon as you build a great engaged community, you will be able to make living money from your blog.

5.      Monetize Your Blog

Okay, you have successfully done above mentioned 4 steps. Now it’s time to make some real money from your blog. You already build your blog, Create great contents and post in your blog, Promote your blog in every possible ways and build an engagement with your readers. So now need to post ads or promote affiliate program from which you will get revenue.

It’s true you already have done a lot of work but if you are not careful to monetize your blog perfectly then you will be failed to make enough or desired money from your blog.

You can try every monetize option and experiment to ensure which one working perfect for you.

You can add google adsense to make money with your blog whether most people are using this. Though there are a lot of Google Adsense alternatives  available to make money showing ads on your blog. It’s quite hard to get Google Adsense approval for a new blog. But if you follow some rules then you could be able to get Adsense approval. Read here- Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval

 7 Killer Tips to Maximize Your Adsense Revenue

Otherwise you can do affiliate marketing and selling products in your blog and get revenue according to sales unit.


Hope this article helps you to make yourself clear that how you could start a blog and make money just by following 5 easy steps. Make money with blogging is easy but you should have to be passionate and keep patience.

Remember, Great castle never builds in one day.

If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends. feel free to write your opinion in the comment section. I will get back to you soon.

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