Advantages of Blog Comment in SEO

Blogging refers the terms of keep connected with the people around the world. You might be sharing helpful and interesting articles in your blog and people are getting help from your writings. People sometimes comment in your blog about the topic you have written or asking something that they really want to know. Blog comment is as important as you are sharing your article.

There are a lot of advantages of blog comment in SEO and other blogging purpose. Here I am going to share a few –

Advantages of Blog Comment


     Build Relationship

Blog comment is a great way to build relationship with other bloggers. While you comment on other blog post it creates value for them. Blogger will notice your comment and build an engagement via replying your comment. Blog comment in a blog consistently will build a strong relationship that will be helpful for both.

     Create backlink

Comment in blog help you to create high quality backlinks while you put an appropriate feedback about that article with your blog link. Be sure you are not doing spamming that will be suicide method.  Be sure you are commenting in relevant niche blogs and you are giving value to others with your comments.

     Generate Traffic

If you comment in popular blogs regularly with informative comment then you will be able to generate traffic from that blog to your blog. Comments in popular blogs also help you to build credibility thus many people are reading your informative comments and people are appreciating that.


Comment in other blogs help you to put your blog link into that blog and this method help Google to index your url faster. Blog comment is a great beneficiary for search engine optimization. Even if you get huge comments in your blog this will help to determine Google that your post is informative and people get it helpful. Relevant comments also help to keep your post in first SERPs.

Blog comment in seo


     Build Credibility

Commenting regularly on other blogs is a great way to build credibility. If you are able to solve others problem via commenting on other blogs then this could increase your trustworthy. People will remind you for future help and it might help you to turn them into your blog.


There are no disadvantages of blog comment unless you will do spamming or comment on irrelevant blogs that are totally different from you topic.
One more tip, Never put your blog URL in your blog comment unless it’s too necessary. You can bookmark some popular blogs on your niche thus you will be able to check those blog posts regularly and put comment on their newly published articles.
Do you have anything else that I have missed about advantages of blog comment? If yes, please feel free to share with us in comment.
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