Best Adsense Alternative for A Low Traffic Blog

Blogging is a great source of make money online . Almost every bloggers dream is to make money with blogging. If you are looking for ways to make money with blogging there are hundreds of options come into your search results. Google Adsense is one of them but there still best adsense alternative exists.

The most and highly recommended ways to make money from blogging is either Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense.


Google Adsense is the most reliable and easy way to make money with your blog.

I guess most of the readers of this article are new blogger. I meant to say, you mostly generate less traffic in your blog.

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If you are totally confused that which is the best Adsense alternative for a low traffic blog then this article is for you.

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an ads publishing service managed by Google Adwords. Adsense offers to publish advertise in their blogs and website. Google pay you when visitor click or see that ads in your blog or website. The amount of payment for each click could be $ 0.05 – 10. It depends on ads size and traffic location and keywords.

Many popular websites like Mashable, Entrepreneurs, Business Insider who has millions of traffic regularly are making huge money with Google Adsense.

The question is, you have a blog and you are generating daily 100 to 1000 visitors daily. Does it lucrative to make money from Google Adsense or should have to think best adsense alternative?

Google does not approve all blog and website for their Adsense program. Your blog should have to follow their terms and conditions for getting Adsense approval . Google is quite straight forward in this term and the chance of getting approval for a new blog is quite complicated.

If you don’t have enough content in your new blog then Google doesn’t approve your Adsense application. Your blog contents should have to be unique and qualified.


I assume that you follow their all requirements and get Adsense approval but your traffic amount is poor. Then you could make $1 – $5 daily.

I guess you can not even survive with this amount of money unless blogging is just your hobby.

What is the Best Adsense alternative?

If you really wanna make living money with less traffic in your blog then the best option for you is Affiliate Marketing. I guess you already heard a lot about Affiliate Marketing. If not then Read What is Affiliate Marketing

You can make money for every purchasing that generates from your visitors. In short, you just need to join in any affiliate program like Commission Junction, ClickBank or Amazon affiliates. Place their product ads in your blog. Your work is done. When your readers click on those ads and purchase something you will get Commission for every purchasing.

The amount of commission for digital products is high. Sometimes it could be 50% to 60%. For physical products you could make 5% to 15%.
A simple equation for your blog earning- If you have 100 traffic daily and among them only a visitor purchase a product which costs 100$ to 500$ then the daily earnings of you could be 5$ to 50$.

It’s quite impossible to make 5$ to 50$ with 100 traffics in your blog.

Google adsense even don’t approve all types of blogs and ads where you have full access to publish any types of affiliate banner in your blog.

So it is totally clear that Affiliate Marketing is the best Adsense alternative without any doubt.

The burning issue Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing is now solved. Don’t run for Google Adsense unless you are generating huge traffic. Affiliate marketing may take some time to generate money but when it does you could make huge money. If you wish to use both then its okay. You can promote adsense ads in your blog along with affiliate links.

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