5 Best Free and Safe File Sharing Sites

Nowadays we are using online service to share our works and media files. Email is not perfect for sharing large size of files. Mostly Email can share 5 MB size small content. When we need to share large file we have to take help from file sharing sites. There are plenty of file sharing sites. But today I am going to write about 5 free and most secure file sharing sites.


File Sharing Sites

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Dropbox is one of the most popular and efficient file sharing sites at present. Though there a few efficient file sharing sites exists, but I give it much priorities because of its app service. You can use its app in your Pc or Smartphone anywhere in the world. The app automatically syncing your data and make it available to share with others. As a basic package you will get 2 GB free space. It’s also password protected and can directly share the link with your friends.

Google Drive

Google drive is now much popular File Sharing Sites. Google offers you free 15 GB online space for lifetime usage. It is mostly secured online storage platform. You can sign in your Google Drive account with your Gmail and grab the offer of 15 GB free storage.


OneDrive is a cloud storage service of Microsoft. Microsoft offers 5 GB free space for store and share your photos and files. You will get pre-installed OneDrive in your Windows 10 operating system. Just login or signup with your live email address in OneDrive and explore the features of OneDrive cloud storage service.


Get started with 10 GB free storage of MediaFire. You can easily share your files with others just by sending MediaFire links. It’s enough secure to keep your files in control. One share link does not allow people to share the link with many people. You can control your all uploaded data in MediaFire by its Windows and iOS app. Near 840 million people are using MediaFire with trust to share their important files.

We Transfer

We Transfer gives you free access to share upto 2 GB file. It’s one of the easiest file sharing platforms that gives you freedom of sending files directly to the recipient email. It does not required sign in method so that you don’t need to create any account in We Transfer.

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There are a lot of file sharing sites but I mentioned only 5 of those who are providing best cloud storage services. If you think there are more services that are providing great services then don’t forget to mention below comments.

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