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WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. Creating and managing a website in WordPress is super easy. It has thousands of designs from that you can choose your desirable theme for free or with money. It’s one of the best mobile friendly blogging platforms. So it is clear that WordPress provides thousands of features. But you can’t use those all features and services without the right and Best WordPress Plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins help you to customize your website/blog according to your needs. Approximately there are 50,000 WordPress plugins are available in WordPress directory. You don’t need to install all of these plugins neither needs to try one by one. Different plugins are for different purpose.

Must have wordpress plugin

Best WordPress Plugins

Here is a list of Best WordPress Plugins that is must for your WordPress website/blog and give you a great experience with using these plugins.

1. Yoast SEO

This is the best WordPress plugins for SEO till now. This plugin not only optimize your post but also help to optimize your entire website. This plugin comes with a plenty of features that help to be done your SEO work in short. It gives you option to add Meta description about your post, can add keywords, Yoast SEO plugin automatically generate XML sitemap and show analytics of your traffic and many more. You can’t regret this plugin in no means.

2. W3 Total cache

This plugin helps to increase website page load. We know that people don’t like slow loading website. W3 Total Cache reduces server load times and provide fast load that gives us a great experience. This plugin is very helpful for huge traffic generated site.  Fast page loading sites are always got high rank in search engine.

3. Jetpack

One of the Best WordPress Plugins is jetpack. Jetpack is a package of features that helps to manage your WordPress site, increase site security, keeps tracking on visitor data and plenty of content management service.  Jetpack offers blocking spam comments, social sharing option and many more interesting services in one plugin.

4. Akismet

Akismet is a great plugin to protest spam comments. It automatically blocked spam comments and remove untrusted links from the comments. It also protest unwanted login attempts in your site. This is a great plugin to keep your comment section secure and decent.

5. Google Analytics

It is very important to track your audience amount and location. If you know your audience location and visiting times then you could improve your site according to your audience statistics. Google Analytics WordPress plugin show you the entire data about your traffic and let you inform the daily page views with the referral from where your traffic comes.

6. Google XML Sitemap

This is another must have WordPress plugin that will automatically generate XML sitemap for your site which index your site in search engine. Google XML Sitemap helps web crawler to crawl your entire site and know better about your site and provide best search result.

7. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 helps to create multiple contact form and you don’t need to write any code.  You can easily set name and email content in setting.

This plugin also supports captcha that will prevent bot login and akismet helps to filter spam contact user.

8. Wp Smush Pro

Search engine recommend to attach media file like photos or video with blog post that ranks well and get more traffic. But it is a problem to attach too much media file that it take much storage and make a site slower. Wp Smush Pro is the best image compression plugin along with optimization that helps to load your site faster without losing photo quality.


9. TablePress

TablePress is an easiest plugin to create table in your post or sidebar. You don’t need to do coding and directly input spreadsheet format. This plugin is very useful to post informative or comparable list of data in your WordPress blog.

10. BackupBuddy

This is mostly used and reliable WordPress backup plugin. It will automatically keep backup of your wordpress site. You don’t need to be worried for losing your website data if you install this plugin. It will store your data in cloud storage so you can recover your lost data in no time.

11. Optinmonster

Email marketing is the best way to generate more traffic to your site regularly. All professional marketers recommend to build a strong email list for future promotional work. Optinmonster create an awesome subscriber form that helps to turn your visitor to subscriber. This is the most popular email marketing WordPress plugin.

12. DisQus

If your wordpress site visitor isn’t so high then it’s okay to use default commenting feature of wordpress. But for the huge traffic and lots of comment you will have to use DisQus plugin to control commenting. More comments on your server make your site loading slower. DisQus is a third party comment service for wordpress that will help to store your blog comment in their server that your server won’t affect.

13. Insert Headers and Footers

I know many of WordPress users have no idea about coding. Sometimes they need to input codes in the header or footer section. People break the code of their theme file because lack of coding knowledge. This plugin helps you to input header or footer code easily. Just copy and paste your code in this plugin box.

14. SemRush

There are thousands of similar sites are in the web. You need to follow your competitor to know what your competitor doing and how they work. SemRush helps you to let inform what keyword does your competitor ranks well and who are visiting their website. This plugin provides you enough data of your competitor that you can set your strategy to perform well.


Hope this post helps you to increase your WordPress experience. We are mentioning Best WordPress Plugins that are unavoidable. You may use some other plugins according to your website quality. But never install too much unnecessary plugins that makes your website page load slower. Keep your plugin board clean and up to date.

If you know anything about Best WordPress Plugins that I miss please feel free to let us know and don’t forget to share this in your social media.


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