Killer Blogging Tips For The Beginner Blogger to start a blog

Are you thinking about to create your own blog or already launch your first blog? It sounds cool. If you are interested to buy someone else blog is a different thing. You will get everything done. But if you want to build your blog from the beginning then you should have to pay quite much effort and follow a few Blogging Tips as a beginner. When you first launch your first blog you have a potential reader; YOU. Within a few days you will get a few readers maybe they are your friends/partner, family/relatives and so on. Are these traffic won’t enough? Do you want to spread your blog and wish for a lot of traffic from over the world? If yes then why not to follow some Blogging Tips to make a BOOM!


Blogging Tips for the beginner blogger that will help you to grow up your blog rapidly.

Domain Name for Blog

A proper domain name is very important to get attraction. A domain name is the name what people will call your blog. Never choose a complicated or unknown word for your domain name. People love to talk about easy and popular name. Keep your domain name as simple that people can talk about your blog so often with their friends. It will help you to be viral easily.

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Pillar Article

When you start your new blog be sure you should have at least 5 “Pillar Article”. Pillar article is something that is informative. People could learn or get advice from this article. A pillar article should not less than 500 words. How to, Tips are the best example of Pillar articles. As example you are now reading this article to know about the basics of blogging. This type of article are all time viral. People read this article frequently. So I recommend for writing at least 5 pillar article before start your blog.

How To Write A Great Blog Post

beginner blogging tips


Post Daily

you don’t need to learn a lot of Blogging Tips, just start your blog with a few pillar articles. So you think work has done? You have to keep updating your new blog daily so your readers will take your blog seriously. You don’t need to write and post pillar article daily. You can post news or short article. When you start posting daily your readers will come back tomorrow to see what is new here. When you will able to keep traction and posting regularly you will get a lot of loyal traffic. After that you could post once or twice in week as your loyal readers will be more forgiving to you at a time. But don’t stop posting regularly in your brand new blog. Do some hard work for the first few months.

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Backlinks for New Blog

You already setup your blog and have enough pillar articles and regular articles. Now it’s high time to comment on other blogs. Find out the similar blogs who are posting same niche articles and comment there. You also get idea from those blogs what types of people are commenting and liking their posts.
Most blogs are allows to mention the Name, Email and website. So it’s a great way to mention your new blog on those popular blogs and who were comments those popular blogs could see your blog. But never post spam comments and never invite them directly to your blog.

How to Create Backlinks 

Link with other Blog

When you write on something be sure you have enough references and trustworthy about that information. Linking your article with other blogs is a great way to engage with other bloggers. Same way other blogger give attention on you and they will mention your blog in their article. It will be more lucrative for both of you to exchange traffic. Always try to add a verdict link.

Invite people to comment on your Blog

People like to give their opinion and express their thoughts. So be sure you have the comment section in your blog post. Don’t forget to encourage people to give their opinion and what they are thinking about the article. Be sure your readers are getting enough scope to comment. When readers talk about your article other people also give their attention on your blog thinking as it is very informative blog. Don’t forget to respond comments of your readers. Conversation will help you to make loyal friends for your blog.

Importance of Blog Comment in SEO

Finally I recommend you to keep everything up to date regularly. It may take few months to establish a new blog. Don’t give up. If possible hire an assistant for keeping your blog live. These Blogging Tips surely help you to grow your blog rapidly

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