Top 12 Blogs About Blogging and Make Money Online

Blogging is a great option for passing time and connect with the people of the people. Many people were start blogging as passion and after sometime they have turned their blog into a money generating machine. If you have planned to start a blog as hobby or make money you have to learn a lot first. There are plenty of blogs in the world but among them a few blogs are for helping new blogger or help people to be a blogger. Here are top 12 blogs about blogging and make money online .

Blogs About Blogging


Top 12 blogs about blogging and Make Money Online

Darren Rowse is the founder of ProBlogger . It was established in 2004 and currently this is one of the top blogs about blogging. They have almost 8000 posts on blogging tips and tricks. 300,000+ subscribers strong community generates millions of visitors to ProBlogger every month. Darren started his blogging career as hobby and after sometime he have learned a lot about blogging and started generating money from his blog. The Alexa rank of ProBlogger is 57,211.

NeilPatel is the founder of another top blogs about blogging and influencer in the world who were working with Google, ebay, General Motors and so many other leading companies. He started his blogging career when he was 16. His blog has thousands of posts about how to start blogging and how to generate traffic to this blog. Current Alexa rank of NeilPatel is 9469.

The most inspirational Indian blog is Shoutmeloud . Harsh Agrawal founded Shoutmeloud in 2008 and now his blog is one of the best blogs about blogging. He raises the blogging journey in India. He completed his primary education from Laxman Public School in 2004 and received his degree in Engineering from Sharda University in 2008 start working in a IT company. He didn’t like to work 9 to 5 thus he left his job and concentrate on blogging. His monthly income report is quite inspiring for new blogger. Current Alexa rank of Shoutmeloud is 4379.

Pat Flynn, is the founder of smartpassiveincome . In 2008 before his weeding he started his blogging journey and created this income blog where he is sharing everything about online marketing and blogging. He completed his degree in architecture and worked with an architecture farm. Currently he is generating millions of visitors to his blog and his SPI community is too big with 150,000+ subscribers. The Alexa rank of Smartpassiveincome is 31453.

Bloggingtips is one of the best blogs to learn blogging. This blog founded by Zac Johnson’s friend in 2007 and then in 2010 Zac Johnson got this blog and almost 15 years have passed he is making money online. In 2012 first time he published an eBook “Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger“. He has an excellent writing team who are providing us great contents regularly.

In 2013 Melyssa Griffin started his blogging career for the first time. Former name of her blog was The Nectar Collective and then she turned the name to . She had no prior business experience but in 2 years she started making six figures monthly income. She is sharing everything about online marketing and blogging.

Roadtoblogging is the best Bangladeshi as well as Asian blog to learn blogging and internet marketing. The founder of Road to Blogging is Istiak Rayhan. He started his blogging career in 2012 in tech niche but in 2013 he was able to make 1800$ from a single affiliate. Then he took blogging for seriously and established todays Road to Blogging that are helping people to learn blogging, SEO, Adsense, WordPress and so on. Current Alexa rank of Roadtoblogging is 123,919.

Bloggingwizard is another top blog to learn how to generate more traffic to your blog and how to build a successful blog. Adam Connell is the founder of bloggingwizard who founded this blog in 2012. When he was only 12 he built his first blog on HTML. Though he studied on Music Technology but he has extensive skill in marketing. The blog rank on alexa is now 72,128.

Copyblogger is the most resourceful blog that was established by Brian Clark in 2006. Though he was the first person who used “online content marketing” term in 1998. It was a one man project that is now a Digital Commerce company who are serving over 200,000+ customers.  Their annual income is now 8 figure but they are still committed to provide best free contents to learn blogging. More than 334,000 people are attached with their email community who are regularly following this blog. The alexa rank of Copyblogger is 25,920.

Jon Morrow is the founder of smartblogger who founded this blog in 2012. This blog is the best place to learn how to increase your blog traffic, SEO, marketing and all about blogging. They have more than 100,000 email subscribers which is really amazing. The Alexa rank of smartblogger is 37,292.

Jessica Knapp is the editor of bloggingbasics101. She started blogging since 2006. She is posting about blogging tips and tricks that are really helpful to build a successful blog.

Startbloggingonline is a platform where you can learn everything that you need to learn to start a blog about blogging. Karen Evans is the founder of Startbloggingonline. She has 10+ blogs in several niches. Some are generating more than 500,000+ monthly visitors. She is dedicated to help 10,000 people to start their first blog in a year.

I think these 13 blogs including Myblogtech will help you to start your new blog even if you never heard about blogging. Take time and start learning from the scratch. The more you learn, the more you would be successful.

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