How to Build High Quality Backlinks in Smart Ways

SEO the most viral word I am hearing since I have started my blog. Search engine optimization in short SEO is the vital task you have to be done successfully to generate traffic to your website. In SEO the most important thing is to Build High Quality Backlinks. Many bloggers and SEO masters are giving different speech for building backlinks. Here I am trying to merge all expert advice together and write about how to Build High Quality Backlinks in smart ways.

Why You Should Build Backlinks for Your Blog?


Backlinks not only increase your SERPs ranking but also generate traffic from linked sites. There are no alternatives to rank your site in search engine without the strategy to Build High Quality Backlinks

There was a time when all types of backlinks were good for your site but the time is now changed. In 2012 Google launched a update named penguin.  This update disappointed  a lot of bloggers who made spammy and paid links.

At present Build High Quality Backlinks are mandatory to build a successful site but spammy links are more than dangerous to get banned from search engine. You don’t need to build hundreds of links in a short time. Look on quality not quantity. A link from .gov or .edu is more than worthy.

If your website is brand new then the chance of getting backlinks from other site is totally zero.  Don’t worry, you have to sit down and start building backlinks by yourself. Though it will take long time to get decent number of backlinks but this will price worthy for your site.

Here are 18 Smart ways to Build High Quality Backlinks

  • Guest Post is the most valuable and powerful backlinks for a newly launched blog/website. Take time and write some Great content for other blogs and input some links of your site in your content. You can search on Google to check which blogs are accepting guest post. Be sure you are selecting the same niche blogs on what you are writing guest post. Be sure you are producing great article for guest posting otherwise none accept your guest post.
  • Blog Comments is another popular link building method. Select those blogs which are similar to your blog niche and comment in their post. Blog comments help you to create backlinks and also help to engage with other bloggers. But don’t do spammy comments. Make 2/3 sentence at least and don’t mess with your anchor text.
  • Forum Posting is beneficial to build quality backlinks. Follow some popular same niche forum and link your blog url in your forum comments and post.
  • Social Bookmarking is the easiest way to create backlinks. Though it has not too much value for search ranking but this will helps to generate more traffic to your blog. Submit your popular posts in top social bookmarking sites regularly.
  • Q/A Sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are popular discussion sites in which you can mention your blog link with your discussion.
  • There are a lot of Blogging Discussion Sites where you can submit your blog link and this will add value for your blog and increase your search engine rank. Blog Engage, Inbound are most popular bloggers community.
  • Add other blogs link in your blog post so that you may have chance to get a link from that blog too.
  • Create a Web Directory Site List and start submitting your blog link in top web directories site.
  • Submit your every articles in StumbleUpon
  • Create Social media profile and link your blog with your social media sites. This will bring more value to your site.
  • Submit your blog in review forums and also ask your friends to publish a review about your blog on review sites.
  • Take interview of top bloggers and share it in your blog. They might have been share your post in their blog too.
  • Don’t forget to submit your site in Dmoz
  • Create a Wikipedia page and link your blog in your page.
  • Sponsor other blog contest so they will link your blog in their blog.
  • Create some videos and share in Youtube. Don’t forget to link your website in your Youtube channel.
  • Write about some great tools and products. This is a great chance to share your blog by those popular companies.
  • If you have products then share it in Amazon eBay and don’t forget to link your website there too.


Though there are hundreds of ways to Build High Quality Backlinks but I just shared best methods. The best links are assets for your website. Don’t need to follow unethical ways to create backlinks. Take time and build high quality backlinks


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