Google Apps that you didn’t know is Exists

I am quite sure there is none who never uses Google and Google apps. Google is a part and parcel in our regular life. Billions of people are using Google for searching their desired information. Google is the largest search engine in the world. Google apps serves a lot of services in the internet world. But there are some more exciting Google apps are exists that you don’t know Google has. Myblogtech will introduce you with some exciting services that make you stupefied.

Google apps

Google Apps

Google Translate

This app is really helpful for those who love traveling. Just install this app and point your camera on the text that you need to translate. So you don’t need to know multiple languages.

Gmailify apps

This Gmailify app allows you to store your all Gmail, Yahoo, live, io mail together into a gmail inbox. So you won’t need to login multiple mail individually.

Google Scholar

This is a search engine service that searches across scholarly literature. The search result from Google Scholar contains citations from textbooks, scientific papers, Research papers and journals.

Google Keep

This Google apps work as a smart note. This app creates colorful notes. You won’t forget your to do task anymore.

Google Timer

This Google add ons helps you to set alarm. You can set the timer whenever you want. You will hear the alarm sound when the time is up.

Google Image Search

This Google search service is the most exhaustive image search service that allows you to find your desired image locations and sizes. You just need to upload or input the link of your image in Google image Search bar. The rest work will do the search engine.

Google Sound Search

This android Google apps can recognize the songs and music playing around you. We always try to remember the song name when we hearing a song or music on the streets. But this app will help you to find out the right songs and play automatically. Moreover you can add that songs in your playlist.


Use this Google maps Panoramio service to discover the world watching photos taken by the internet user across the world.

Google Shopping

We are familiar with Amazon, Ebay, Flipcart. But Google has a big online shopping site for their users. You can buy everything from there.

Google Trends

Do you want to know what’s happening around the world? Google trends help you to see the most popular search queries.

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