How Much Money Can You Make From Google Adsense (Factors)

How much money can you make from Google Adsense is a popular question. A lot of my friends asked me this burning question. Google Adsense is the best advertising service from that many bloggers are earning smart amount of money every month.

Every new bloggers dream is to get Google Adsense approval to publish ads and earn money from their blogs. I see a lot of professional blogger are making million dollars with Google Adsense and live with it. But it is quite hard and you have to do a lot of hard work if you really want to live your life with Google Adsense earnings. It’s not possible to measure the exact amount that you could earn from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense earnings depend on some major factors. Google pay for every click on Google Adsense ads that is visible in a blog. The amount of payment for each click could be a cent or a dollar. The more your traffic clicks on Google Adsense ads in your blog the more you will earn.

How Much Money Can You Make From Google Adsense are given below-

Traffic Volume

It is obvious that if you have huge traffic then your ads will get more clicks and you could earn more. It is clear that the website/blog with hundred visitors will not be able to make enough money for living. You have to be more serious on blogging if you want to earn smart amount from Google Adsense.

Traffic Quality

It sounds quite hilarious that there are several types of traffic. As example- American/European traffic CPC is higher than Asian traffic. You may get a few cents from the click on Google Adsense ads by Asian visitor. In the mean time you may get a few dollars for a single click from an American/European visitor. Even the income varied on what types of people are visiting your site. Some people are really interested to read your blog or have plan to buy something from online. On the other side some people just come to visit your site for fun or passing time.

Quality of Your Blog/Website

Types and quality of content plays an important role to your Google Adsense earnings. If you have a blog that entertain people will obviously earn less from Google Adsense thus people come in your blog to get entertainment then leave doing nothing. The blog which are related with Gadgets and technology will make more amount of money thus people read your blog and compare gadgets and willing to buy that product just by clicking on your ads. So your Google Adsense earnings also depend on your blog types and quality of content.

There are some other factors that are playing a role in your Google Adsense earnings. None is able to make sure the amount of Google Adsense earnings. Hope you are now capable to measure the earnings from Google Adsense.

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