How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Make Money

Make money from online is easy if and only if you know exact way. There are thousand ways to make money online. Today I am telling you how to be a freelance virtual assistant and make money working at home. Generally a freelance virtual assistant doesn’t need to go to office or anywhere. A freelance virtual assistant can do his task at home or while traveling. Why you don’t grab the chance of become a virtual assistant?


Every company needs to hire several people to do many tasks. New and small companies are not able to hire a lot of people at a time thus they mostly looking for freelance virtual assistant as part time basis. So they can make some task done by the virtual assistant.

Are you really interested to become a virtual assistant and make money? You need to know what type of tasks a virtual assistant does, where they find work, what skills required being a virtual assistant and how much can you make being a virtual assistant.

Let’s see what matters…………..

Responsibilities of Become A Virtual Assistant

There are no limitations of tasks for a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant generally take care almost every sector of a company or business.

But there are a few types of virtual assistant position according to their work category. I am writing some responsibilities of a virtual assistant according to their category.

Personal Virtual Assistant

A personal virtual assistant generally manage his/her boss social media profiles, emails, daily event and many regular activities. If you are able to convince your boss then you could be a perfect personal virtual assistant without skills. Personal virtual assistant also take care of their boss regular life. Like as where they will travel, where they will stay while traveling and more.

Administrative Virtual Assistant

An Administrative virtual assistant is as similar as an office secretary. You should have good communication skills and willing to work in office time at home.

Administrative virtual assistant responsibilities are managing client emails, customer phone call management, deal with clients, manage social media profile of that company, company data management and store and so on.

Writing Virtual Assistant

A writing virtual assistant is the persons who help his/her boss by providing resource for writing. Sometimes you need to search on web and collect exact information for your boss. A writing assistant is also work as a data entry operator. You should have good command in Microsoft office and web research if you have plans to be a writing virtual assistant.

Freelance Financial Virtual Assistant

Almost every business and works are running for money. Many people don’t have time to calculate their earnings and expenses. Some company and people are always hiring a financial virtual assistant who can look after on their money. So if you are good at finance or your study background is economics then you are the perfect person to be a financial virtual assistant.

  • The responsibilities of a financial virtual assistant are-
  • Auditing company/business income
  • Look after on taxes
  • Calculate yearly revenue/loss
  • Measure asset and liabilities


Local Virtual Assistant

Sometimes people like to hire a local virtual assistant to know information about an exact location.

Example: A person from USA wants to know about INDIA for this reason he would like to hire a assistant from INDIA. So he could know everything about India without visiting.

People who like to travel also hire local assistant to help them while traveling.

What Qualities Requires to be a Virtual Assistant?

You don’t need to be a graduate or highly qualified on something.  You just need to choose that type of work in which you are familiar.

If you are good at Microsoft office or searching in the web then writing assistant job is perfect for you. Before applying for a virtual assistant job be sure you know the work type.

I saw a lot of virtual assistant who knew nothing but they were qualified and working with rewards.

These 3 skills is enough to be a Virtual Assistant

  1. Good Communication: In most case you will have to work with different countries client. So it is mandatory to learn English and other language to communicate with your boss. It’s a major problem between an assistant and a client is misunderstanding because of poor communication.
  2. Honesty & Transparency: Since my online career I always tried to stay transparent. I lost a lot of project because of my straight forward speech but it also gave me some amazing projects. A virtual assistant should have to be honest. None like a liar. A strong relationship between assistant and client is everything for your work guarantee.
  3. Passion: Virtual assistant is a passionate job. You should be enough punctual to complete your regular task. If you do not like your work then you could not be able to satisfy your boss.

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When you intend to set your career become a virtual assistant then you should be a person who like learning, reading. You can make 10$-20$ hourly become a virtual assistant but you should have to grow your expertise level. Upwork is one of the biggest online marketplace for finding virtual assistant job.
Remember, First LEARN then Remove the “L”


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