How to Fix Error 504 While Downloading Apps

Are you an android user? Then I guess you are frequently facing error 504 troubleshoot issue while download apps in your device. Many of us don’t know why this error occurring while we going to download android apps. This error 504 causing because of slow internet connections that can’t establish connection with server. Today I am going to mention some tricks to fix error 504. Sometimes error 504 can be fixed just by turn your phone in airplane mode for a minute and then restart your phone. Turning off data connection and after a while turning on data connection could be another solution for this issue. Some people are fixing this problem by deleting previous app and making some free space that can establish connection with server faster.
But if those tips don’t work


How to Fix Error 504 While Downloading Apps


Read here to fix error 504


This method is mostly easy to fix error 504.

Phone Settings> App Manager> Clear Cache & Clear Data
Now restart your phone and install your desired apps


If the method 1 didn’t work to fix error 504 then follow this-
Go to Settings> Google Account> logout Gmail
Restart your phone and login your Gmail account. Hope this time don’t show error 504 while download apps.


Mostly this problem occurs because of slow internet connection. So I recommend to change your Wifi connection or cellular connection while installing apps from Google play store. I saw this tricks are working great in some cases.


Use a VPN for getting relief from error 504
Install VPN and set US/UK iP
Go to Google Play Store and install your app


When all the above tricks got fail, you can try to install apps from other app store. Just avoid Google Play Store. Search on Google for the apk file of your desired apps and install directly from there.

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Hope any of those tricks should work for fixing error 504. If there further any problem to install apps please let me inform.

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