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More Than 90% of blogs are build on WordPress. If you have a blog on WordPress then you must see the common issue of slow loading of your WordPress blog. Sometimes I feel much irritate to see loading and loading in my blog. This is really a bigger problem for any blogger. But you can Speed Up WordPress Blog just following some steps.

If your website or blog loading slowly it may causes a lot of problems. First of all people who are busy to get some information from web will not be interested to wait for a slower loading blog. This is a fatal reason of falling audience. Less audience means lower sales, less values, bad reviews and the most important bad search engine ranking. Google do not like slow loading sites.

None like a snail coach. The more you fast, the more your growth.

Here are some tips to Speed Up WordPress Blog


Identifying Reason of slower loading of your WordPress site

If you want to Speed Up WordPress Blog you should have to find out the problems that are making your blog slow loading.

Pingdom is a free tool to see your blog rank. You can know about your blog performance rank among 100. Even there are some free tools on Google that will help you to find out the problem of slower loading and solution to Speed Up WordPress Blog.

Uninstall irrelevant Plugins to Speed up WordPress Blog

There are plenty of free plugins available in WordPress. But don’t try to install all plugins. Only install those plugins that are really mandatory to maintain your WordPress blog. A lot of plugins are not well coded so they could make your blog speed slower.

Keep your Database Clean

Optimizing your database perfectly could Speed Up WordPress Blog. Check your WordPress dashboard regularly and remove spam comments, remove draft file which is unnecessary and remove inactive plugins. This will help you to make your blog faster a bit.

Optimize media file of your WordPress blog

Never add too many media file in your wordpress blog. Media file always take more time to load so it’s a reason that prevent Speed Up WordPress Blog. Be sure your media file size is enough small or optimize your media files before posting in your wordpress blog. No need to add too many images in every post. One or two relevant image is perfect for each blog post.

Use Caching for your wordpress blog

Caching can Speed Up WordPress Blog. Caching reduce the amount of requests from the server so it helps to load your blog faster. You can use wordpress caching plugin that is worthy to make your blog faster by make your wordpress dynamic file to static HTML file.

Use simple elegant theme to Speed up WordPress Blog

Do not use big file size theme. Do not put much banners or images on your wordpress theme. Always choose a simple and elegant theme. Most people like to see simple landing page instead of more colorful complicated page. Simple and light theme will help you to make your blog faster.

Hosting Service

Always be careful before choosing hosting service. There are a lot of faster hosting service provider are exists. Choose the best one according to your budget. The main page load depends on your hosting. So don’t compromise with your hosting service. I have I mentioned a few best affordable hosting providers in other post.

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There are more things have to be done to make your blog faster. You can follow these steps and see the results. These methods should Speed Up WordPress Blog.  If you have anything more to mention please don’t forget to write in comment.

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