How to Start a Blog From The Scratch

How to start a blog

Nowadays people are like to share their experience and regular life story by blogging. Thousands of blogs are creating daily and among them only a few come into viral. Start a Blog too easy but getting readers and make your blog popular is very difficult. First of all think twice why you want to create a blog. If you are passionate about writing your experience and have patience then you are the right person to start a new blog today. Many of my friends asked me how to start a blog. Today I am telling you how you could be a successful blogger. When the question “How to start a Blog” come in mind there are another question should have to know clearly “What is Blog”


How to start a blog


Before knowing about How to start a Blog, you have to know what is Blog. Blog is an online journal or an online diary where we can write our own thoughts, ideas, experience, everyday lifestyle and what not. A blog can be a niche or topic blog or multiple topic blog. For example, Myblogtech is a multi-topics blog where we share Tech News, Latest gadgets, Blogging, WordPress, Seo, Social marketing, Business and so on. Myblogtech is also a personal blog that we can update anytime to a website. Remember A website can’t be a blog.

Here I am going to mention a few important and essential steps that you should have to follow to know How to Start a Blog –

Why You Want to Start Blogging instead of knowing How to Start a Blog

I know it’s obvious Blogging is the best way to express myself and can be build a strong community via blogging. This is also the best way to spread news and information even a discussion platform. If you love to write what you have learned then blogging is up for you. Another important concealed reason is you can make money from your blog.

Choose a Category You are Passionate and Efficient

Choosing the right category or niche is the main thing. You are going to write about a topic that you must have experience. If you write about what you are passionate that means you are experienced in that niche. I am a gadget and tech enthusiast so I started my blog in Tech niche after starting this blog I learned a lot about marketing, SEO, WordPress and some other things that I am now sharing with you. So choose a niche first and be up to date with that niche. Read other renowned articles from famous writers. Subscribe those blogs what are come from your niche and follow their writings. Finally do research before start writing in any topics.

Choose the Right and Easiest Blogging Platform

There are a few different blogging platforms. Some are paid and some are totally free.
• Blogspot
• WordPress
• Tumblr
• Webly

You can start your first blog in Blogspot. It is totally free of cost. But there are a lot of limitations. Even you won’t get fully control over your blog. You don’t need to buy any domain name and hosting service to start a blog in Blogspot. You just need to sign in into blogger platform and create your blog there. Tumblr is another blogging platform is like social media platform. You can share your post in tumblr with free of cost. It is one of the easiest blogging platform. Webly is less popular blogging platform according to other blogging platform. If you wanna start your blog for fun or for a testing purpose then I suggest you to choose any free platform to getting started your blogging journey.
When you ask me How to start a Blog and Which platform is best for beginner. My answer should be WordPress. Wordress is very easy to setup a blog and it has a lot of free themes and plugins to make your work easy. Just buy a domain name and secure hosting service to start your first blog on wordPress.

Choose the Right and Perfect Domain Name

Getting the perfect domain according to your niche/category is quite hard and lengthy process. You have to research a lot and find out a catchy domain name which is available to buy. You can search in Namecheap for your desired domain registration less than 1$. Domain name indicates your blog category. As I choose it indicates my blog is about blogging and tech niche. It is very important to keep an alliance between your domain name and blog niche.


Choose Cheap Hosting Service

Hosting service means the company who keep your blog online. It is quite similar as computer hard-drive. Hosting company keeps your blog data in their storage and show in your blog. So choosing the best and fast hosting service is the key of success. I will write about some great Hosting Service Provider Someday.

Try Bluehost. It is WordPress official hosting service and easy to install.

Choose Theme and Make your Blog Attractive

A good looking blog should get much popularity than a scatter looking blog. People are frequently visiting attractive blogs with good contents. WordPress gives you the access of using thousands of free beautiful themes. Choose the right one for your blog and make people amaze. Another thing keep in mind that you should choose responsive theme because of Google do not like non-responsive sites anymore. Keep your Blog simple and clean.

How to start a blog with attractive theme


Ensure Your Blog Loading Fast

Do you like those sites what are taking too much time for loading? I personally do not like those sites and even never go to these sites again. So make your blog page are loading fast. I recommend keeping your media file in low size and do not add too much media file. Search engine keeps those sites first page on search results which are loading fast. Do not use irrelevant plugins and make sure you are using SSD storage hosting service.
PingDom is a great tool to check your blog speed.

How to start a blog with low loading time


Optimize Your Blog

When you start a new blog I am pretty sure people do not know you launched a blog. Your duty is to let people inform about your Blog. You have to optimize your blog. Submit your blog on Google so that your blog will be show in search results. There are plenty of Blog Optimization plugins in WordPress. I will write in detail how to optimize your new blog step by step as I am telling you How to Start a Blog.
Analyze Your Competitors
Some people think same niche blogs are our competitors. But I am seeing them as my friend. I frequently visited a lot of tech blog and comment there. I love to read how they write and how they express their thoughts. I think renowned blogs from the same niche is a good source of learning. So follow them as your resources and motivators instead of competitors.

Basic SEO Tips for Your New Blog

How to Make Your Blog Post SEO Friendly

Setup Social Media Profile

Nowadays Social media is another great source of your blog readers. You can create social media pages/groups/profiles and share your blog posts in social media too.

Stay Constant on Long Term Goal

As you are reading How to Start a Blog, you should have to set some long term goal besides short term goal. Don’t forget blogging is not a bake and bite step. You have to be patience and work for your goal. You could not think about success in a week or in a month. You should have to stay constant and work on it.
Finally I can say start blogging is a matter of a day but become successful in blogging is a matter of years. Don’t give up stay focused. You have to learn every day and stay update with every single new thing in your blog niche. Directly engage with your readers and give them value. When you give a reply of comments don’t forget to promote yourself. Happy Blogging

I hope you have enjoyed my writing of How to Start a Blog. Please feel free to ask anything and comment here if you want to know something more about blogging and how to start your blog.

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