The Complete Guide to Learn How to Start a Blog

Nowadays people like to share their experience and regular life story through blogging. Thousands of blogs are starting daily but only a few come to be successful. Start a Blog is too easy but getting readers and make your blog popular is very difficult. First of all think twice why you want to start a blog. If you are passionate about writing your experience and have patience then you are the right person to start a blog today. Many of my friends asked me how to start a blog. Today I am showing you how to start a blog from the beginning. This guide is for the complete beginners who have never heard about blog and blogging even you can create your blog without knowing a single code.

Let’s began How to Start a Blog

learn how to start a blog

Table of Contents

  1. What is Blog?
  2. Why you want to start a Blog
  3. Choose a blog niche You are Passionate and Efficient
  4. Choose the Right and Easiest Blogging Platform
  5. Choose the Right and Perfect Domain Name
  6. How to buy a Domain name
  7. Choose Cheap Hosting Service
  8. How to install your Domain in Hosting
  9. How to install WordPress
  10. Choose a Theme and Make your Blog Attractive
  11. How to install a WordPress theme and customize it
  12. How to install WordPress plugins
  13. How to write and publish your first article in WordPress blog
  14. Must Have WordPress Plugins
  15. Conclusion

What is Blog

Before learning about how to start a blog we need to know what is blog. Blog is an online journal or an online diary where we can write our own thoughts, ideas, experience, everyday lifestyle and what not.  A blog can be on a specific niche or topic or multiple topic blog. For example, Myblogtech is a multi-topics blog where we have share Blogging, WordPress, Seo, Digital marketing, Internet Business and other marketing related topics.  Myblogtech is also a personal blog that we can update anytime to a website. Remember A website can’t be a blog.

Blogging refers the task that a blogger done in his blog. Writing article and share it in everywhere is the key task of a blogger.

Why You Want to Learn How to Start a Blog

It’s obvious Blogging is the best way to express a person and could be build a strong community through blogging. This is also the best way to spread news and information even a discussion platform.  If you love to write what you have learned then blogging is up for you.  Another important concealed reason is you can make money from your blog.

There are two types of blogger we can define differently.

  1. Part Time Blogger

2.Full Time Blogger

Part Time Blogger

Part time blogger are those who love blogging and connecting with people. They posts in their blogs in free times and share their lifestyle and experiences mainly.

Full Time Blogger

Full time blogger are mainly professional blogger who take blogging seriously and share high end article to let people know everything on a topic. Full time blogger can make living money with their blog for serving great articles. A lot of people are getting interested in blogging thus it helps people to make themselves a brand and earn huge money in a certain time.


Choose a Blog Niche You are Passionate and Efficient

Choosing a perfect blogging niche is the key of success in blogging. You can write everything in your blog but you have to realize that you are not an expert in everything. It’s better to choose a niche that you passionate on and love to write on that topic.

Don’t choose a niche that has too much traffic but you know nothing about this. You will feel uninterested after a time to write in that topic. So it would be too hard to run a blog on an unknown niche for a long time.

To choose a perfect niche you can write a few articles initially and notice which type of articles you really love to write and feels comfort.

Why You Should Start A Niche Blog

Choose the Right and Easiest Blogging Platform

After selecting your blog niche you have to look into blogging platform. Several types of blogging platform are available to setup your blog. Some are free and some requires a few bucks to start a blog.

There are a few different blogging platforms. Some are paid and some are totally free.

  • Blogspot
  • Tumblr
  • Webly
  • WordPress

You can start your first blog in Blogspot. It is totally free of cost. But there are a lot of limitations. Even you won’t get fully control over your blog. You don’t need to buy any domain name and hosting service to start a blog in Blogspot. Just sign in blogspot with your Google account and start your blog. You will get a few free themes and plugins to manage your Blogspot blog. The problem with Blogspot platform is it has less trustworthy. Mostly spammers are using this platform for their needs. Even it’s quite impossible to establish a authority blog in Blogspot platform. If you intend to spend a few times on blogging then you can go with it.

Tumblr is another free blogging platform as well as social media platform. You can create your blog in a single minute with tumblr and post your article easily. This platform is good to share your regular life but you can’t be able to monetize your tumblr blog in either way to make money. If your intention is just to inform people about something then you can create a blog on Tumblr.

When you ask me How to start a Blog and Which platform is best for beginner. My answer should be WordPress. Even WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform to start a blog. You can create either free blog or create blog with custom domain and hosting.

WordPress is too easy to setup a blog and it has a lot of free themes and plugins to make your blog perfect.  Just buy a domain name and secure hosting service to start your first blog on wordPress.
There are no perfect alternatives of WordPress to build an authoritative blog.

Choose The Right and Perfect Domain Name

Selecting a perfect domain name according to your blog niche/category is quite hard and lengthy process. You have to research a lot and find out a catchy domain name which is available to buy. You can search in Godaddy/Namecheap for your desired domain registration. Domain name indicates your blog niche most of the time. As I choose it indicates my blog is about blogging and tech niche. It is very important to keep an alliance between your domain name and blog niche.

Don’t go with a domain name which looks ugly or insist any unpleasant words. If you want to make yourself a brand then you can choose your name as your blog name. There are a lot of popular blog with the blog owner name like Neil Patel.

How to buy a Domain name

After choosing the perfect domain name for your blog you have to register this domain I mean you have to buy this domain name. There are several popular domain register companies are available. I have got two companies are mostly reliable and easy to register a domain.

Godaddy is the most popular and cheapest domain name register company. You can search your domain name in Godaddy. First sign up in Godaddy


Create account in godaddy


Fill up the Sign Up box with care.

signup in Godaddy


Search your preferred domain name in the search box.

Search domain name


If you found that domain name available then just click on ADD to Cart options.

see available domains


Confirm your order through your Paypal or other international payment gateway.

buy domain from godaddy


Choose Cheap Hosting Service

Hosting is the storage where you will store your all website data. Your hosting service keep your all blog information secure and live. So when someone looking for anything in your blog they just need to search in and get through online. You have to choose a fast and reliable hosting. The main reason to choose a good hosting service is that your site never goes down. Another thing is always choose those hosting companies who are able to support 24/7.

None likes a slow loading blog and people don’t have too much time to stay for a long time to read your posts. Be sure you are choosing hosting services who are offering SSD storage drive along with other security services.

Namecheap and Bluehost are two best and reliable hosting services that I have been using since years and getting everything up to date all the time.

Namecheap offers 9$ shared hosting plan for the first year and 38$ for renewal fee of every year. You can go with Namecheap for their ultimate support and services with a cheap price. Even they offer 3 websites to run together with their shared hosting plan.

BlueHost offers 2.95$ monthly shared hosting plan with one click WordPress installation. I see a lot of bloggers are using BlueHost without a single complain about their services.


How to install your Domain in your Hosting

When you have your Domain and Hosting to start with first go to domain manager and change the nameservers of your domain. Write your nameservers of your hosting service company. It may take a while to change.

DNS setting


Go to your hosting Cpanel and click on the ADDon Domain option. Add your domain name here and click Enter.

Add domain in hosting

You have successfully add your new domain in your hosting.


How to install WordPress in your Blog

Go to your Cpanel again and click on the WordPress then install wordpress in your site. It may take for a while.

Install WordPress

Install WordPress


Choose a Theme and Make your Blog Attractive

A good looking blog get much popularity than a scatter blog. People are frequently visiting attractive blogs with good contents. WordPress gives you the access of using thousands of free beautiful themes. Choose the right one for your blog and make people amaze.  Another thing keep in mind that you should choose responsive theme because of Google do not like non-responsive sites anymore. Keep your Blog simple and clean. You can customize your theme if you choose premium theme. Premium them are always SEO friendly and with clean code. Premium theme gives you full access to customize it and design according to your needs. Mythemeshop is one of the best platforms to choose your premium theme in a low budget.

Currently I’m using Schema theme by Mythemeshop.

How to install WordPress theme and customize it

Installing and customize wordpress theme is too easy. You don’t need to learn any code or design to customize your wordpress theme.Go to your WordPress Dashboard < appearance < Themes

Add Themes in wordpress


How to install WordPress plugins

Install WordPress Plugins really easy and one minute task. Go to WordPress dashboard and hover your cursor on Plugins which shows in the left side of WordPress dashboard. Click on the install new Plugin and it will redirect you a new page with recommended and your desired plugins by search

Add wordpress plugin


How to write and publish your first article in WordPress blog

I have mentioned already that you can write anything whatever you want in your WordPress blog. But you should have to be unique and informative to get viewers in your blog. Writing article and publish it in WordPress blog is really easy.

Go to Posts > Add New then enter your post Title in the title box and write your article.

Write article in wordpress



Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress  offers you thousands of free plugins to make your website building journey easier and efficient.  But you don’t need to install all the plugins. Too much unwanted plugins make your site slower. You need a few plugins that will work perfect for your blog.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular and efficient WordPress plugin. This plugin manage your entire on page optimization with care. Even you can use their premium Yoast SEO plugin to make your blog more search engine optimized and google search friendly.


This WordPress Plugin helps you to stay away from spam comments and insecure logins. In one word Akismet is a privacy protection plugin that will help you to keep your blog safe from hacker and spammer.


Jetpack is a all in one social media managing wordpress plugin that is enough to manage your social media profiles that is integrated with your blog.

W3 Total cache

None like a blog which is loading slowly. W3 Total Cache ensure you faster page loading and contribute in SEO.


To build a successful blog and generate huge traffic to a blog you should have to build an email list. OptinMonster is a lead generation software which help you to create attractive email subscription slider and set up into your blog.

Link Manager

When you start a blog you will have to deal with a lot of blog links and other page links. You have to make some links nofollow and some other dofollow. Link Manager WordPress plugin is one of the best plugin to manage all links together for your blog.

Thristy Affiliates

If you start affiliate marketing in your blog then you have to drop a lot of product affiliate links into your blog post. Google do not like these affiliate links. To ensure your presence in search engine and save your blog from Google penalty Thristy affiliates plugin help you by generating attractive links.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most efficient plugin to count your blog users and other statistical report. It will show your total visitors along with total pageviews. How much time people spent on your site will show in this plugin too.


Finally I can say that how to start a blog is a matter of a day but become successful in blogging is a matter of years. Don’t give up stay focused. You have to learn every day and stay update with every single new thing in your blog niche.  Directly engage with your readers and give them value.  When you give a reply of comments don’t forget to promote yourself.  Happy Blogging

If you still struggling to understand how to start a blog please feel free to contact with me in either way. I will guide you to start your blog from the beginning.

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