How to Identify Linkedin Fake Recruiter

Linkedin is one of the most popular professional social media platforms where corporate people share their regular updates. Along with regular activities companies are offering job for the people through Linkedin. There are a lot of employees who are getting high paying jobs through Linkedin. Although there are a lot of Linkedin fake recruiter who are spamming through fake job offers.

One of the most common issue in Linkedin is there are a lot of Linkedin fake recruiter who are offering fake jobs and sometimes taking money.

Linkedin fake recruiter


How to Identify Linkedin Fake Recruiter

  1. Have a look on your recruiter profile. A real recruiter never used fake or incomplete profile. Before applying for any job be sure your recruiter profile is fully complete and regular activities visible. This is a great way to keep yourself away from Linkedin fake recruiter.
  2. Sometimes you will get several circular for several positions that mean this company has no administrative body. Why you apply for that company which has not an administration body? This means mostly of these types of requirements are fakes.
  3. If you get any invitation to drop your CV to a personal mail then you can drop this offer as a Linkedin Fake recruiter. I have seen a lot of fake recruitment comes from personal email address instead of company email.
  4. If anyone offers you a job without any interview then the chance of fake recruiter is 100%.
  5. An incomplete circular like which has no Job description, salary, responsibilities, job location in written then it must be came from Linkedin fake recruiter.
  6. If anyone offer you unbelievable salary that you actually don’t deserve then you have to understand that this recruiter is fake.
  7. If any recruiter asks for money in their circular then you should have to avoid them. They are not offering any job to you. They are taking money showing you fake recruitments.


It’s obvious sometimes you may get interview offer to work in foreign companies but the recruiter is from local area. This type of offer comes on behalf of the company and this is a freelance job recruiter.

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