If Google Shuts Down Ever, What will happen?

There are more than 3 billion people are using internet in the world. The question is, is there any single internet users who don’t know about Google? My answer is simple. Internet is nothing without Google. Whatever you are using in internet you need help of Google. Entrepreneur, Student, Researcher, Businessman, Service Holder everyone using Google for their desired service. Did you ever think if Google shuts down? Sound hilarious, no? I asked some people if Google shuts down what will happen and what you will feel. I got several answers from different people. Let’s see what could be happen if Google shuts down


If google shuts down ever

No Google Search

Google search is the most important service to the people who love to know a lot of things. If you heard anything new that you didn’t know you can search it in Google and get thousands of answers. But if Google isn’t exists you won’t be able to know any new thing easily. You may use alternate Yahoo or Bing search engine. But you won’t be satisfied with their search results.

You will feel Unlucky when search anything

I’m feeling lucky is introduce you to the world of awesome doodles. It also finds the best search result and makes you lucky for your query in a single attempt. If there no Google, You are not lucky.

Business will lose profit

Many business are depends on Google service. They are using Google business tools to run their business easily. Online advertisements are quite depends on Google advertisement service.

Bloggers lose a big amount

A lot of bloggers are directly involve with Google add sense. If Google shuts down Google won’t pay to bloggers for add publish.

Facebook could launch a new search engine If Google shuts down, Facebook won’t miss the chance of being the number 1 search engine platform to launch one.

Web traffic instantly fall down

Blogger lose 50-80 % traffic instantly. Most bloggers are getting traffic of their blog from Google search. If Google shuts down people won’t be able to find out your blog.

Shuts Down android platform

Android OS is also a service of Google. If Google shuts down then android service will be shuts down too. So apple could dominate the smartphone world.
In the above statements are sounds funny no? But these things can be happen if really Google shuts down. We hope Google will never shut down.
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