Why You Should Build Backlinks for Your Blog? Importance of Backlinks

If you have a blog and want to generate traffic to your blog then there is no alternative of building backlinks. Backlinks is a part of search engine optimization that you should have to know if you really want to see your blog rank high in search engine. Importance of backlinks is huge for a new blog.



Today I am writing this article to make you clear actually why you should create backlinks for your blog. This post let you know about the importance of building high quality backlinks.

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Link Building is a lengthy process for a blogger. You can’t build a lot of links in a day or week. You have to pay a lot of time and concentration to generate high quality backlinks.

Many bloggers do not work for link building. They think producing quality content is enough to build links but it’s not really true.
Quality content just helps you to get backlinks easily but not automatically.

There was a time when building backlinks was easier. A lot of automated sites were offering thousands of backlinks in a day. You had chance to get backlinks from web directories and web 2.0 creating. There were no matter what is the quality of your backlinks.

Now the time changed. Google updated their several algorithms. If you do not follow search engine requirements and generate poor backlinks or spam links then search engine will ban your site. So you have to think more about quality than quantity. Don’t try to buy backlinks from other source.

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks is the main part of search engine optimization and I guess a blog traffic and rank are quite depends on quality and quantity of backlinks.  Here I am mentioning some major importance of backlinks creation or building backlinks for a new blog-

  • Backlinks determine blogs traffic. The more you build backlinks the more you can generate traffic to your blog.
  • When your blog linked with authority blog then this will build your blog creditability.
  • If you have enough quality backlinks in your blog then your Google page rank will be increase.
  • Search engine keep those blogs in first page which has a lot of quality backlinks.
  • Backlinks helps to increase DA and PA.
  • Link building helps to introduce you with other blogs by creating inbound links.
  • Guest blogging is a way of creating high quality backlinks. Guest posting helps to give you access to post your article in other blog.


Never create 5 types of backlinks in your blog

  • Don’t buy bulk backlinks from outsource
  • Never link your blog with different niche site
  • Don’t do comments too much that seems spammy
  • Don’t submit your blog in all web directories that are not popular
  • Don’t link your blog with different languages site

When you start your first or new blog then it’s better to spend a few weeks to create high quality backlinks. These links will be your future asset to establish your blog.

Don’t mess up with building quality links. Nowadays building backlinks is quite hard but not impossible. If you give enough time and able to establish a decent relationship with other bloggers then build backlinks will be easiest task.

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