5 Tips to Improve Your WordPress Seo

WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform for all time. If you want to create your blog by yourself but you don’t know any coding then WordPress is the only choice for you. Almost 80% blogs are created on wordpress nowadays. It’s not a big deal to start a blog on wordpress but if you don’t practice wordpress seo then it will make a big difference to be successful with your wordpress blog.

Blogging is easy and fun but taking effective wordpress seo strategy is quite difficult. You can build a beautiful blog even with more informative contents but none visit your blog until you improve your wordpress seo.
SEO is the process of informing your visitors about your blog and contents what they are looking for. Perfect wordpress seo strategy helps you to rank your blog post on first page of search engine. High rank on search engine means you can generate huge organic traffic to your blog.

You can generate traffic to your blog from instant social media sharing or paid services. But those traffics are not permanent. If and only if you are able to optimize your wordpress blog effectively then you could generate organic traffic to your blog for years.
We literally believe that SEO means Building backlinks, Social Media Bookmarking, Sharing Contents, Guest Posting, Image optimizing. This is not everything. SEO is one of the broad sectors in blogging.
Though WordPress SEO is quite easy than other platform. You might know wordpress do a lot of seo work by default that you don’t need to do manually. Even there are a lot of plugins that cover most optimization.
It doesn’t mean you don’t need to do anything or everything done by plugins. For better performance you need to improve your wordpress seo.

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Here I am going to mention 5 tips to improve wordpress seo-


Optimize Blog Content

You must have heard that Content is King. You can’t consider anything with Great Content. Your content should have to ensure that it helps your visitors. If your visitors don’t get anything informative then they should not be come back to your blog ever. When you write content for your blog just make sure you are not stuffing keywords too much that bother your readers. Make sure you are using H2 tags, Focus keywords, Inbound/Outbound links perfectly. Be sure your Focus keyword belongs in H2/H1 tags.

How to Make Your Blog Post SEO Friendly

80% people do not read the entire article. Only 20% people interested to read articles. So be sure you are choosing a catchy and interesting title for your content.

Yoast Seo Plugin for WordPress SEO

Yoast seo plugin is the best plugin to optimize wordpress blog content. You can use either free or premium Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin helps you to optimize your blog content before posting. It shows the percentage of keywords ratio that helps you to make sure you don’t use either too much keywords or too low. It also helps you to write meta descriptions of your content and edit your post urls. This plugin really save your time a lot and make your seo work done efficiently.

Must Have WordPress Plugins in 2017

Don’t install useless Plugins

Though wordpress offers a lot of free plugins to make your blogging journey easy but it doesn’t mean you have to install all the plugins. Too many plugins make your blog load speed slow. Install the best and efficient plugins that really works to make your blog great. You can check out which plugins are mandatory for your blog and be sure you are installing those. WordPress plugins always help you to make your wordpress seo journey easy.

WordPress Theme

WordPress theme for your blog plays an important role in wordpress seo. Always choose a simple eye catching theme which loads faster. Don’t buy a theme with a lot of features that takes too much time to load. If your blog takes too much time to load then you should lose your readers in no time. You can customize your wordpress theme to make it seo friendly and user friendly.

Update Your Content Regularly

This is an important thing that people hardly mention. Don’t publish several posts in a day. Better to publish one content daily or weekly. Just make sure you are updating your blog consistently. People like to visit those blogs who are updating regularly thus people are able to read latest post regularly. If you stop posting for a long time then this will create a gap between your readers and your blog.

Now come to know the most important thing, it’s amazing to update your old content regularly. Thus everything are updating and changing so you can update your old content with latest information. If you update your old content then it will be effective for search engine crawling. Google prefer to update old posts with latest information and google always give them much priority in search rankings.

Social Media Marketing is Huge Effective 

Hope these tips help you to improve your wordpress seo and generate more traffic to your blog. SEO is a long term process so don’t feel down in no time. You will get effective results if you work on your blog consistently. You can let us know about more that will improve wordpress seo.

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