How To Do Keyword Placement In Your Blog Post

SEO is one of the most important tasks for increase search traffic. If you want to place your blog in first page of search engine then there are no alternatives of search engine optimization. Keyword Placement is a part of on page optimization. Keyword helps to find people what they are looking for. The more your use optimized highly searched keyword the more you get search traffic. It is very important to choose right keywords for your blog post.

You don’t need to rank your blog url and search engine don’t do it. You need to rank your blog page and posts thus you have to use specific keyword for every page and posts. So keyword placement is very important in blog post that search engine can crawl your post easily.

It is idle to use 3% to 4% keyword density in your blog post. If you use your keywords everywhere without reason then it looks spammy to Google crawler and you will never be able to ranking high for that keyword in search engine.

Before writing any article you should do keyword research this will help you for perfect keyword placement.

Keyword Placement in Blog Post


1.     Place the keyword in Title

A title is very important for a successful blog post. Almost 80% people do not read entire article. They just read your title only. You should have to write an attractive title and be sure your title contains the focus keyword.

Keyword Placement in Blog Title

2.     Place the keyword in the first paragraph

The first thing in keyword placement you should have to ensure that your focus keyword is in the first paragraph of your content.

3.     Place the keyword in H2 or H3 tag

Write heading tag in your blog post. Header tag keep your article structure reader friendly and navigate on what you are talking. Drop your focus keyword in H2, H3 tag.

Keyword Placement in header tag


4.     Place the keyword in permalink

Google crawl your post permalink so be sure your permalink contains your focus keyword. It helps google to know easily about your content.

5.     Place the keyword in meta description

Write a short description about your post within 160 characters. This is called meta description. Be sure you have written your keyword in meta description.

6.     Place the keyword in anchor text

If you want to create any backlinks for your blog post then be sure you put your keyword as the anchor text.

7.     Place the keyword in the last paragraph

Write a perfect conclusion for your blog post and place your keyword in the last paragraph of your content.

8.     Don’t over stuff keywords, it will result in a ban from Google.

I already mentioned that don’t write your keywords everywhere. Keyword placement doesn’t mean you have to place your keyword in every sentence. Make sure your keyword are looks natural.

What Google says about Keyword Stuffing?

9.     Put the keyword in image alt tag

If you add any image in your blog post then write your keyword in image alt tag section.



It is worth to say, Content is King. Write each contents with enough information and place your keywords perfectly thus Google can easily crawl your post and generate traffic.

It would be better to use long tail keywords for better performance in SEO. Research shows that long tail keyword is easier to rank high in search engine.

If you have any suggestion about keyword placement please share with us in comment. We always appreciate to learn something new from you.

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