Basic SEO Tips for Your New Blog

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process to make your Blog popular and user friendly. Some people called SEO and Internet Marketing is different. But I think SEO is a vital term of Internet Marketing. Today I am going to mention some seo tips for your blog. There are two types of SEO process. One is On-page Optimization and another is Off-page Optimization. You just need to follow some basic seo tips to ensure your blog is completely optimized.

When a new blog or website came into live first should have to ensure on-page optimization first.


essential seo tips for novice blogger

On-page Optimization Steps

• When you setup your Blog/Site search engine don’t know about your new blog/site. So firstly you need to submit your website/blog in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. So search engine can know about your website
• After setup page and content of your Blog/Website you have to submit your sitemap to search engines.
• Never forget to publish resourceful and meaningful content. Search engines give priority of helpful and positive contents.
• Don’t forget to set your keywords according to your Blog/website niche. Keywords help you to rank and find your site easily.
• Write a meta description that indicates what about your site is and what type of service do you provide.

Off-page Optimization Steps

• Back link is the key features of off page optimization. You will get a lot of traffic from back linking your site to other sites. But never wish to do spam links. Quality links is an asset for your site/blog.
• Submit your site in various web directory sites according to your niche.
• Create accounts in several social bookmarking sites and share your Site/blog content into these social bookmarking sites.
• Guest posting is another great source of gathering traffic in your site/Blog. Post guest article with some links of your site so that when your post published in popular sites you could reach some traffic from there.
• Social media marketing is now a big source of organic traffic. Create profiles in various social media and share your article in those profiles too. Social Media marketing is a broad sector of internet marketing. I will write about it someday.

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Hope these initial seo tips will help you to ensure basic SEO work. I will share the advance to do list about Search Engine Marketing.

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Please feel free if you think any mandatory steps should have to need add or your any opinions are always welcome.

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