How to Start A Niche Blog? Beginner Guide

Do you have planning to make money from blogging in a short time? It’s easy to say “I want to start Blogging” But quite difficult to decide “I want to start a blog about ………” This is the thing that called niche blog.
If you are really want to make money from your niche blog you should have to be conscious before selecting topic. When I start my first blog I had no plan and at the beginning I write everything. After a few months I got it useless that it was too hard to find several topics everyday. Then I stared my blog about blogging and marketing. It became easier to me to write about marketing and blogging. Beginner tips for how to start a niche blog

You should have to Follow these Tips before Start a Niche Blog

1. Follow Your Passion

If you start blogging about technology but you have no interest on technology then it became terrible to you. If you start writing that you love and have enough knowledge about that then it became easier to you write about. Only select that niche on what you are serious enough and interested to learn more about that. If you don’t follow your passion then your blog won’t live for long.

2. Short or Long Time Blog

Be sure you are either create a short time blog for making money or interested to run a blog for a long time. Short time niche blog is something like you start a blog about Olympic Game where you publish your post when the game held. People like to visit your site to get update about Olympic Game. But when the event over, people won’t interested to visit your blog anymore. You can gather huge traffic for short time and can make money.
Otherwise, you can create a niche blog about technology. Though it takes quite more time to get popularity but most of your traffic in this blog will be permanent. You will publish everything relate with technology.

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3. Decide how to Monetize Your Niche Blog

Some people start a niche blog for fun or share their lifestyle. But there are a lot of people who are really interested to make serious money from their niche blog. If you are really serious to make money from your blog then you should be more concern choosing your niche. A niche blog could be the perfect place to make serious money by affiliate program and handle advertising. You should have to choose a niche which has available affiliate program. If you can manage a perfect niche blog then you could make decent commission from affiliate program.
If you even want to attract advertiser to sell your blog space for advertising then you will have to select a high valued topic.

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4. Find Your Keyword for Niche

If you choose your topic about technology then you can search on Google to find popular search items on technology. You can see on Google related search to get idea to select your niche. Technology news, Tech news, Latest Technology could be your niche keywords. A niche blog can easily find out its competitor sites and can follow its competitor strategy.


All you need to find a reliable niche and start writing around your niche. It doesn’t mean that you can’t write beside your niche. Sometimes you can write about yourself to relief from monotony.
Let me know what niche do you have choose for your blog and how many article do you have plan to write about your niche.

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