Successful Persons and their Educational background

Most of the people think that academic education is mandatory to be successful. We always run for degree and good results. We don’t think for once that, what our mind says or what’s my passion. Today I write about some successful persons and their educational qualification. Results can’t define your future or profession. A good academic qualification doesn’t mean that you are a successful person. So let’s go to see about some successful persons –

Steve Jobs

Co founder of APPLE INC.

Co-founder of Apple Inc.

I think there is none who never heard the name Steve Jobs. Co-founder of Apple Inc. and one of the most successful person in the world. Steve Jobs owned 11 billion $ shares of Apple when he died in 2011. The most successful person “Steve Jobs” left his college and followed his passion.


Richard Branson

Successful Persons and businessman

Owner of Virgin Brands

At present Richard Branson owns approximately 4.9 billion $.  He is the owner of Virgin Atlantic Airways , Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile and other Virgin brands.  This successful person dropped out his school at the age of 16. He failed to continue his study but became a successful person in the world.


Dave Thomas


Founder and owner of Wendy’s

Dave Thomas, The founder and CEO of Fast Food Emperor Wendy’s and a Successful person. He owned 99 million $ at 2002 when he died. He left his school and started working in a restaurant at 1969 and became successful in 1990. It’s clear that he didn’t need any degree to be a successful person.


David Green

owner of an Art & Craft shop named Hobby-Lobby

owner of an Art & Craft shop named Hobby-Lobby

David Green, is the owner of an Art & Craft shop Hobby Lobby .  He never went to college. Currently he owned 6 billion US $ without any academic degree. He has vast knowledge on Art & Craft that his friends never believe that he has no degree.


Larry Ellison

former CEO of Oracle Corporation

Former CEO of Oracle Corporation

Larry Ellison the former CEO of Oracle Systems Corporation .  He owns 54 billion US $. He built database for CIA. Then in 1982 he founded Oracle Systems Corporation. He dropped out from several colleges and this is the educational background of another successful person.


Michael Dell

the founder of Dell Computer

The founder of Dell Computer

Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Computer . Currently he owns 20 billion US $. He left from Texas University and didn’t complete his study. He was one of the younger successful person in 1992.


So it is clear that if you want to be a successful person you should have to focus on your passion. There is no alternative of hard work for being a successful person.


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