10 Things Never Do With Memory Card

10 things never do with memory card

Memory card is an important thing to store memories and wonderful moments. We are using Memory Card in our Phones or cameras. But I see a lot of people are facing problem of damage memory card suddenly or corrupted. I find out few things that we are doing frequently with our memory card that is one of the reasons of damage memory card. Today here I am mentioning 10 things that never do with your memory card to ensure your memory card longevity.

10 things never do with memory card

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• When you seeing or saving photos do not put off your memory card from your camera or mobile phone. Wait until the photo saved successfully.

• When turning off or turning on your device never try to remove or insert your memory card. It will interrupt connection between device and memory card.

• Do not change or remove memory card while turning on your camera or mobile phone. First turn off your device then remove or insert memory card.

• Do not use memory card storage content while your camera or mobile phone shows battery low.

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• Don’t buy low grade memory card ever. It’s an important thing so always try to buy memory cards from reputed brands. I recommend for buying SanDisk, Transend, Panasonic, Sony, Lexar, Olympus and so on.

• If you notice that several memory cards are damaging in the same device that means your device has fault. Do not insert new memory card until you solve the device issue.

• Memory card life span is quite similar as Battery. A memory card is able to handle more or less 10,000 Read/Write operations. So do not use a memory card for a long time. Change your memory card after using several years.

• I highly recommend to do not connect your memory card with virus affected computer.

• Never use low grade card reader or USB cable to connect your memory card with computer.

• Before buying a memory card makes sure your card is not less than Class 10 grade.

Finally I think if we are becoming careful for using memory card we won’t face the problem of damage memory card and won’t lose our valuable data and memories.

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