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I think many people have plan to do something new in this new year. Some are already intend to create a Blog. Nowadays it’s really easy to create a Blog and start posting. But if you are really serious on blogging and want to make your blog viral in 2017 I would recommend you to consider 5 things carefully before launch your new blog. You can reach a lot of audience in a short time but if you really want to stay on success with your new blog then don’t regret these things. If you don’t know how to create a Blog then read this first How to Start A New Blog

5 things can't regret before create a blog

Things You can’t Regret before Create a Blog


I already post why niche site is more important. You can take attention of people easily and in a short time with your niche blog. But be sure what niche is perfect for you and what you really know to share with people. Don’t go for that niche to earn more money go for that niche on what you are passionate. Make a list of your passion and what you know. Then choose one of them on what you are interested to learn more. Blogging is fun if you can make it your hobby. Take time and select the perfect niche which is suitable for you. If you still confused how to create a Blog in perfect niche then read this-  How to Start A Niche Blog Beginner Guide

Targeted Audience

All the people over the world do not like your blog or don’t have any interested to read your articles. If your blog is selling something or have plan to show advertise then you need to know about your audience. According to your business you have to target your audience. Suppose if you have plan to sell electronics products via affiliate program in your blog then you have to select those audience who love gadgets and frequently buy gadgets. You can take a look on your audience statistics regularly to know.


I already mentions in many of my article that “Content is the King”. You can’t ever regret good content. Always try to share everything what you know about that. Don’t post irrelevant content that your audience feel irritate. Be sure your Content is SEO friendly. Make sure your contents are enough resourceful. Your content always represents your brand. It’s better to write some contents before create a blog.


Hosting is that storage system where your contents are stored. You may think hosting is not much important. In the beginning hosting is not a big factor but when your blog reach higher audience you have to think about your hosting server. Be sure your blog are always online and audience don’t feel irritate on your blog for slower loading issue. Measure your blog audience to know how much bandwidth do you really need.

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There are thousands blogs are launching every day in the world. Do you think your blog can take a good place among them doing nothing? Really NO. You have do a lot of hard work with your new blog if you want to see your blog in good position in search engine. You can post regularly but your post won’t reach audience because of poor SEO. Be sure your blog is optimized properly. You have to be done some On-page and Off page optimization for your new blog.

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20 Blogging Tips for Beginner

Last but not least, don’t give up. Create a blog now and work on it regularly. You need to follow some successful blogs regularly to follow their strategy. Read more articles regularly and learn more. If you are not serious on your new blog you won’t be able to build a successful blog.

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