Top Smartphone Brands

The most dynamic marketplace is smartphone industry nowadays. Though every gadget and technology are developing rapidly but smartphone industry plays key role among the people. A few years ago Nokia dominated the phone industry but currently Nokia is not any list as they fail to get attention with their smartphone. Now there are a lot of smartphone industries out there. There are a few top smartphone brands are dominating this arena.

I search out over the expert report and find out 5 top smartphone brands who are selling most units globally in 2016.


top Smartphone brands



Samsung is the best android smartphone brand till now. South Korean giant smartphone manufacturer company Samsung dominating the smartphone industry and selling maximum units of smartphone. Their Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge are the 2 most attractive and powerful smartphone that is worthless to compare with any other smartphones.


Apple is the second best global smartphone manufacturing company and leads the smartphone marketplace. Apple is the American multinational technology giants who are producing their smartphone with their own operating system. Their ios operating system developed only for their smartphone. Their last launched smartphone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are getting much popular among the smartphone lover.


This chinese smartphone manufacturing company taking third place for selling good number of units smartphone globally. In the first quarter of 2016 the total sales of Huawei was 28,861,000 units. Huawei has the huge demand in Europe, America and Africa. Their growth of demand is increasing rapidly. They are trying to grab attention of Asian market.


Another most valued smartphone manufacturing brand is HTC. HTC is a Taiwan based smartphone manufacturing company. Their innovating and beyond imagination models of smartphone are taking a good place in the global smartphone market. Their Desire and One series are most selling models smartphone till now. Asia is one of the most selling markets for HTC smartphone.


Chinese smartphone manufacturer company Xiaomi playing a great role in the smartphone market globally. Xiaomi has a strong growth in china and end of 2016 Xiaomi takes a great place in Asian smartphone market. In 2016 they are selling more than 20 million units of Xiaomi smartphone. Their global market share growth is increasing rapidly.

Though there are lots of smartphone manufacturer brands are in the global market. Mentioned 5 are dominating the smartphone market till now. Let’s see what will happen in 2017.

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