Top Social Media Sites For Blog Promotion

Top Social Media Sites to Promote Your Blog

One of the most effective ways to Blog Promotion is social media. Social media platform considered is powerful tools of internet marketing. If we mark email marketing is the number one solution to promote any blog then the second option to promote your blog is social media marketing. Most pro blogger recommends to spend 20% of time for create content and rest 80% of time to promote the content.  It’s obvious, if you do not promote your blog perfectly and consistently then all your hard work in creating contents are worthless. So to generate more traffic and make your blog popular you should have to promote your blog in every possible and effective ways. Among all the blog promotion methods social media plays an important role to make your blog viral.
Let’s see, what are the best social media platforms to promote your blog-


Top Social Media Sites to Blog Promotion

Facebook for Blog Promotion

Facebook is the largest social media site.  It has more than 1.86 billion monthly active users. Facebook is also the easiest way to promote anything with your friends and followers. If you share anything in facebook then the all of your friends and followers can see this. You can create free facebook page for your business or blog. It also offers paid reach service so that you can promote your content with targeted people for a very low cost. This is the best and effective social media platform for Blog Promotion. If you don’t create a page for your blog yet, then create a page immediately and share your content link there.



Twitter is another social media site which offers tweet to your blog or speech. It has 140 characters limited text tweet option. You don’t need to follow everyone or everyone don’t need to follow you. Your tweet will reach to the people who are from similar niche I mean same hashtags. In twitter you can tweet same thing again and again. People can retweet your tweet easily. Twitter is a rapid way to generate traffic directly to your blog.


Google Plus

Google+ is quite similar as Facebook. Google launch their very first social media site G+ to compete with Facebook. You can easily add people in your circles and create community to spread your promotion. You already know Google is the best and biggest search engine. Billions of people are using Google search daily. This is a great chance to create a G+ account and share your blog there. It also helps you to rank your blog higher besides generating more traffic.


Pinterest to Blog Promotion

In a short time period pinterest makes itself a great and beautiful photo sharing site. Most pro blogger use pinterest to generate more traffic than other social media sites. You can create a fair profile in pinterest and pin photos in selected niche boards. You can also pin your photos from your blog links. People can follow your boards and pins and you can repin others photos in your boards. Almost 70% of pinterest users are women. So if you have a beauty or girls niche blog then a Pinterest profile is mandatory for your Blog Promotion.



Linkedin is a professional social media platform. Mostly here post about business, jobs, marketing and career base. You can create a resume or advertisement so that people who need similar skilled people or jobs can contact with you directly in Linkedin. As like Facebook, it has like-comment-share option that people can easily express their thoughts.


I just shared only a few social media platform to start your new Blog Promotion. When you start sharing your content on those platforms you will understand which platforms are perfect for your Blog Promotion and what types of people are interested to go to your blog to read your posts. There are a lot of platforms but you can start with a few. If you don’t have a profile on these platforms then create one now. Hope this will help you to maximize your blog traffic.
Feel free to share your thought about social media promotion and if you find this post helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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