Why Don’t Come Back Your Blog Traffic

You have a blog with lots of content. Do you ever feel your readers never come back again to your blog? How was the feeling? I guess it is one of the worst feelings for every blogger while they facing this blog traffic issue.


You are doing hard work, promoting your blog everywhere, writing great content. But you get rejected and your blog traffic never come back. It seems your all hard work goes to hell.

A bouncy blog means low traffic, less engagements and finally people leave your blog from the first page of your blog.

It is true that you never can keep all your traffic. Even you don’t need to keep them all. You just need to make sure your targeted visitors are like to visit your blog regularly and subscribe your blog.

If you know your visitor leaving your blog doing nothing then you came to understand you have a serious problem with your blog.

There are a few reasons for that Your Blog Traffic never come back.

1.     Your Headlines

Your post title is the first impression for your readers. I saw a lot of attractive post titles and attract me to visit that site but when I came to read those post I just feel irritate that there are no relation between post title and content. This is a great problem to the blogger that they forget what they started and where they finished their writing.

This is true almost 80% only read your headline and assume that what about your post. Make a relevant and attractive post title according to your content.

2.     You Are Boring

Your audience are always wanted to get more interesting content from you. If you write regularly same thing and there is nothing new then your readers feel bored on you and leave your blog in no time. You should have to write more creative and unique contents so that people give you more preference and stay with you for long time. You can write anything but that should be related with your blog type. Entertain your blog readers publishing about yourself sometimes. Your readers always want to know about you that they come to understand who is behind of this blog.

3.     You Are Not Consistent

People should come back to your blog for getting their desired information or content. But if you publish randomly without any consistency then people don’t come for that exact content. If you want to reduce bounce rate you should have to make a niche blog. Like this blog I share my all experience and what I have learned about blogging and marketing. Set your vision and target your audience and work for them.

4.     Your Links Are Not Obvious

It’s true that outbound links in your blog post increase your credibility. It also increasing your SEO ranks and people get references according your content. But be sure your content are enough interesting and informative that people don’t forget to come back to your site to read your entire content. Mostly people click on those links and do not come back your blog to continue you blog reading.


5.     Lengthy Content

Writers love to write thousands word. But people who are come to your blog for information never like to read thousands irrelevant words or stories. They want to read exactly what they are looking for. They have no time to lying on bed with a cup of coffee and read your content all day. Long and complicated sentences are generally ignored by the readers. So make sure your blog is not too much wordy.

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6.     Too Much Ads

Did you ever hear that people like to see ads on a blog? I guess no. No one is interested to see ads post in a blog. Mostly if you use too much ads in your post that must annoying your readers and it increases the chance of leaving your blog and your readers never back.

So stop showing too much ads in your blog and increase the chance of return your visitors to your blog.

7.     Lack of Invitation

I guess you don’t invite your visitor to read your blog. But invitation doesn’t mean you just say “Please come and visit my blog” you should have to be creative to invite your people to check your blog regularly. Why you don’t offer something special or contest that your readers will come and join.

8.     Lack of Focus

Another great mistake is that you are not focused on a single thing when you start writing your blog content. I see a lot of bloggers start writing about healthy food and somehow they turn into how to cook. It sounds hilarious but true.

Why people read your how to cook post where they went to read about healthy food. So this is a big reason people leave your blog and never feel interested to come back again.

Focus on your content and add relevant information as much as possible.


If you care your readers then your readers will care your blog. Don’t act too much professional. Give your readers chance to express their feelings about your blog and engage with them. If you able to build a relationship and loyalty with your readers then they won’t leave you and your blog. You might be the reason of left your blog traffic.

It’s easy to create a blog but it’s too much hard to be a blogger. If your blog traffic is poor then your hard work means nothing. You just need to conscious about your readers and don’t do these things that your readers don’t like and reason of leaving.



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