Why Blogging is Better than other Work? Infographic

There are plenty of jobs available in the world. But blogging is one of the coolest job in the world. There are a lot of things that you can enjoy while you choose your profession as a blogger. Lets see the below infographic to understand why blogging is better than other jobs-

Why Blogging is Better

Why Blogging is better than other jobs_

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Hey I'm siful Moni from Bangladesh. I am a student of Economics. But i love gadgets and technology. Since childhood I reading about technical and internet books. I became a graphic designer in 2011 after that I learned SEO and finally I studied a lot about marketing and human resource. I learned about a lot of social marketing tools and blogging. How to engage with people. From here i intend to share my experience and thought with you. So start my blogging career. Stay with me to know a lot about myself and latest technology and marketing tactics.

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