why Email list is important

A lot of blogger don’t give priority for growing their email list. At the beginning they pretend build email list is just waste of time or have no idea how an email list grow your business rapidly. Many of us, giving huge priorities for building social media profiles instead of email list. Why email list is important? You know every social media site required email when you sign up.

If you just want to make some money then Google adsense or some affiliates program is okay. But if you like to make real money then there is no alternative of building an email list.

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An effective email list helps you to contact directly to your customer or directly send invitation to your customer to check your products and services. An email list grows your business more than 400% in a short time.

You don’t need to build a list in one day or escape other projects to build an email list. Building an email list is a long term goal.

A case study showed almost 90% people check their email at least once a day. I am quite sure every social media user don’t log into their account daily. Why you think building an email list obsolete?

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As a business owner or blogger an effective email list can grow your traffic dramatically.  That isn’t possible with SEO or other programs.

Using Same Leads

You have social media profiles where you share your products and some people click on your links. This will make some money from your one time customer.

If you have an effective email list then you can send your products and services promotional flayer to them regularly and make them a regular customer.

It is really easy to make handsome money by affiliate program with an effective email list.


Building Relationship

Some products are offer high payouts. When you trying to sell those products with regular traffic and never get any sales.

It’s common because people do not like to buy from unknown source. Many of these people already scammed before so they only pull their card only if they know them before or have strong recommendations.

Email list helps you to build a strong relationship with your customer/visitor by sending greetings regularly. This relationship helps you to sale products and services.


Regular Traffic to Your Blog

Do you know almost 80% traffic won’t back to your blog ever. Only a few back and they don’t show much attraction as you don’t know about your visitor.

If you have a strong email list then you can let them know about your new post and offer something attractive. So they will visit your site regularly.


Build Your Own Brand

There are plenty of ways to make money from your blog. Affiliate marketing and selling products directly is the best way to make handsome money. You can build your own products or services and directly promoted to your loyal subscribers.

As early as you build an effective email list, you will get strong relationship with your visitors and let them turn into customers.

One question came into your mind? Let’s know learn here-

How to Build Email List

All in all I say to start now. If you wait for a single day that means you just lose a great chance of get quality leads. Remember you can’t build email list in a day so you must have to start now.

You could buy email list from freelance worker or someone else but this will not work for you at all. Most emails are old and not reliable that you have planned to buy in most case. You don’t need to collect or scrape email list randomly. You just need to collect those emails whoever like to read your blog post and like to follow your blog.

First start collecting your friends, followers email. Don’t give up and make sure you are storing your email list perfectly for future using.

A great trick to increase email subscribers is to write consistence article so your visitor willing to get notifications as soon as you post next part of that article.

If your blog is on WordPress then you should use a Pop-up email subscription plugin that will help to build email list. There are hundreds of email subscription plugins are available in WordPress plugin directory. Just choose the one which suit with your blog perfectly.
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Don’t miss the great chance of making your blog viral. Just start over and build a perfect email list. If you are facing any problem or have to know anything else about email list or any other blogging tips please ask in the comment section.
Don’t forget to share your experience on building experience in comment. So we can know more about better email list building.


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