What Is SSL? Should You Use SSL For Your Website?

What is SSL?

In Short SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a type of security technology providing by several third party companies that is used to establish a secure connection between web server and web browser. This secured link is in encrypted format, so it ensures user that the data which is transferred between this two links I mean web server and browser is really private and highly secure. SSL is globally standard protocol that is used by a lot of websites for protecting their customers or visitors online transactions and confidential information.

It was first introduced by Netscape communication but they didn’t reveal their very first SSL because of trouble to ensure the security of credit cards transactions. Another version of SSL created by Netscape in 1994 and this version were able to secure credit card transactions over internet.

The main intention of  this security is to ensure the web security for the website traffic mainly who are providing their bank details and confidential information to a web server.



How SSL Work?

SSL (secure socket layer) put an alternative cover around the IP/TCP transactions from a computer to server. It simply encrypt data with protection that any 3rd party can not read the data while transferring one server to another.

Why You Should Use SSL?

  • If you are an eCommerce seller and your website has the online payment option whether your customers provide their credit card details into your server then you should have to protect your website from hacker thus they won’t be able to collect your customers bank details.
  • If you provide any consultancy in your website whether your visitors need to put their confidential information to you through your server need to use this protocol to ensure security.
  • If you have a blog whether you also sale related product or services should need to use.
  • If your website contains confidential information thus you don’t wanna reveal with public except your members should have to use it for security.
  • If your website has membership feature whether your visitors need to put their information then you have to ensure your visitors data security through installing SSL.


Why You Don’t Use SSL?

  • If your blog/website only contains helpful information for the public use then you don’t need to install this security.
  • If you have a portfolio site where you only share about your skills and services then you don’t need to use.
  • If you have a blog where you share about your daily life and experience then you don’t need to use.
  • If your website doesn’t require any payment option or confidential information then you don’t need to install.
  • This blog along with a lot of popular blog do not use SSL.
  • SSL ensure your web security but sometimes it makes your website slower. Thus you don’t need to install it without reason.


You may heard that Google gives more priority to those sites which are installed SSL to their sites. It’s quite true this extra web security is beneficiary for SEO but not too much.

If you want to use SSL for free then try Lets Encrypt. They are offering free SSL certificate for all sites.

I never have used any SSL certificate for my blog. I never feel it necessary. You are now clear about that should you install or not.

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