How to Write Blogs SEO Friendly

Blog is the easiest and funniest way to share your thoughts and ideas with the people over the world. Some people are writing on blog for fun and some are for making money. The heart of a blog is its readers who are regularly following and reading blog posts. The first and ultimate condition to make a blog viral and interesting is quality articles. If your article is enough resourceful and interesting you 80% work is already done. Today here I am mentioning few must follow things that make your blog post seo friendly and getting your blog viral in no time.


How to create SEO friendly blog post


SEO Friendly Title

A catchy and interesting title is the first thing what readers see. If you can set an interesting title for your post you will be able to catch the readers. 80% people ignore a lot of informative article just because of poor title.

SEO Friendly Keywords

Always be careful before setting keywords for your article. Do some research first what topics are most popular and people are frequently searching in search engine. Semrush and Google keyword Planer are very popular keyword research tool. You can also see Google search result for more idea. Don’t use keyword too much into your article. Keep your article simple and be sure your keywords ratio is 2.5-3%.


Make a good graphics photo or video to share with your article. Remember a single photo can express thousand words. Search engine gives more priority which posts are belong media file.

Meta Description

Meta Description describes the summary of your post. So search engine and people can understand what about your post is. Keep your keywords in your meta description that works good in search results.


Make several headers in your articles. If possible try to keep focus keyword in header. Learn more about Header

Long tail Keywords

Always try to use long tail keywords. Research shows long tail keywords works great rather single keyword. Even you may see long tail keywords competition is always low. So to get rank high is quite easy with long tail keywords.

Follow Renowned Blogs

Regularly follow several blogs that are similar to your blog. Read their articles regularly and be a master of writing seo friendly article for your blog.

Remember great things never come from comfort zone and practice makes a man perfect. Just read some blogs and get some idea before start writing and sit for writing one.

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