Youtube Keyword Tool for Youtube Keyword Research

First thing first, while you are talking about organic traffic or viewers for your website or Youtube video then there is no alternative of SEO.  Keyword research is the most important part of search engine optimization. Youtube keyword tool help you to find out the most searched and lucrative keywords that will drive you more viewers.

Nowadays video marketing plays an important role in digital marketing. You can’t cope up with your competitors unless you have start video marketing right now. People more likely are concern on video promotion instead of reading article.

Youtube is the largest video sharing platform. Millions of people are searching with their interested keywords in Youtube daily. So you have to use Youtube keyword tool to be successful in video marketing with the most searched keywords.

Only perfect keyword research could bring a lot of viewers to your videos. Make sure you are using perfect Youtube keyword tool for your video optimization for effective results and expand you’re your business.

Youtube keyword tool

Top Youtube Keyword Tool for Keyword Research


Youtube Search Option

Youtube is the second largest search engine till now. While we want to learn anything or looking for entertainment then we are searching in Youtube with the phrase what we want to see.

This Search option is one of the best Youtube keyword tool to find out the popular phrase that people are searching most. While you are writing a word in the search bar then you can see some other suggestions automatically generated.
If you write the word “Marketing” in the search bar then you may see the suggestions of the other popular phrase like- Digital Marketing, Online marketing and so on. These are the popular phrase I mean keywords people are searching mostly. You can choose any of these keywords for your video and work on it…

Don’t go with the too much competitive keywords in the beginning. It’s better to use long tail keywords to mitigate the competition and get rank easily in Youtube. If you search the keyword marketing it should shows millions of results but if you use long phrase ‘Digital Marketing Tips” then it is less competitive. For getting traffic in the short time long tails keywords will help you a lot than highly competitive keywords. So undoubtedly youtube search option is a great Youtube keyword tool for the beginner.

Google Keyword Planner

There are no SEO manager who doesn’t use Google keyword Planner for searching keywords and monthly search volume. While you have got a keyword phrase you can check its PPC, monthly search volume and the level competitiveness. This keyword tool largely used for entire keyword research solution and moreover it’s a popular Youtube keyword tool obviously.

Google Trends

Youtube is the video sharing platform owned by Google so why you don’t follow Google trends to find out the most popular keywords for your Youtube videos. What is the most popular topic in your niche in the world people are mostly talking about you could know through following Google trends. This could be a efficient Youtube keyword tool to get your desired keywords for your upcoming Youtube video.


Your Competitors aren’t Youtube keyword tool but they will help you perfectly to get high volume keywords. Follow your competitors who are already rank their videos in Youtube which are similar to your niche. Collect idea what phrase, tags, description they have used to rank their videos.

You can use vidIQ tool to see your competitor strategy like what category they have used in their videos. This is a Chrome Extension. Install this must have Youtube keyword tool to analyze your Youtube competitor data and find out popular keywords.


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Though there are a lot of paid Youtube keyword tool for keyword research but I have mentioned the free service with strategy to find out the high volume keywords. If you don’t have budget for Youtube keyword tool then you can use these tools undoubtedly.

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